Sunday, April 14, 2013

New and Improved

I don't even know how long its been since I updated this blog, but I am finally ready to start updating here at least once a week, hopefully more often. Even though I haven't blogged about beauty and fashion in forever, I haven't stopped keeping up with the new products and trends, and I plan on keeping all of you informed on them as well. So stay tuned for the first post of the new and improved :-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shorts are on Sale at American Eagle!

Even though it still feels nowhere near summer where I live, it will almost be time to wear shorts. Thats why its amazing that American Eagle has them on sale right now!  24.99 and up here, on American Eagle's website.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Outfit of the day

Good morning! Here is the outfit I put together today : sweater from kohls, green shirt from forever 21, yellow cami from dots, black pants, yellow bangle from dots, green flower necklace from jc penny, and green tear drop earrings

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mary Kay Experience

I know, I always say I'm going to post more and I never do :-/ I really want to get into a schedule of posting though...

Anyway... Last night I went to a Mary Kay class, and I am now in LOVE with Mary Kay products. I never thought I would like them, but they are amazing. I ended up buying a foundation and primer, and will eventually purchase the night solution. After last night, I am seriously considering becoming a Mary Kay consultant. It would be amazing to share all these great products with other too :-)

What do you think? If you would like any in depth reviews on the products I purchased, I would be happy to do them. Just let me know in the comments. Have a great day! :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Sales

It's only three days into the New Year, and already there are some great sales going on for a fashion and beauty addict.

Of course, Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works are having there semi annual sales, which I can't wait to peruse.

Another sale I am excited about is for YMI  Jeans company. They are starting 2012 with the Daily 5 Deal. Every day there will be something different on for just $5! How amazing is that? It's going to be hard to pass up such a great deal this year.

I'll post more sales as I hear of them. Until then, enjoy these and happy shopping!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Beauty Products of 2011

Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, so I have been thinking about my favorite products I have tried this year. Here are my top favorites:
1. Revlon Lip Butters
Of course, I have to include what has to be the most amazing lip product to come out this year, Revlon Lip Butters. I am so obsessed with these, that whenever I see a new color in the store, I have to purchase it. Currently, my two favorite colors are Berry Smoothie, and Cherry Tart, Cherry Tart actually being the first red lipstick I can pull off with my pale skin. All of these lip butters are so pigmented, yet still sooo moisturizing, that I have been reaching for these rather then any of my other lipsticks since these came out. They have been amazing for the dry Fall and Winter months. You can find these in Target, Ulta, and ,many other drugstores, ranging from 7.50 to $9.

2. Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream Mousse
I received a sample of this in the mail earlier this year, and have been loving it ever since. I have tried countless volumizing hair products, and this is the first one that I feel has really made my hair look as full as possible. Instead of a fluffy mousse, Redken Aerate 08 is a souffle like texture that you just smooth over your hair and blow dry. I have been using this all year long, and it has definitely been my favorite styling product of 2011. It is 16.50 at most beauty stores, such as Ulta.

3. Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque
I FINALLY got a chance to try this out last month, after hearing so much about how great it is from other beauty bloggers. And they were all right! It has the most amazing smell, and really makes my hair feel softer and healthier every time I use it. I wish I could use it more then once a week, that's how much I like the smell and feel of it. It is kind of pricey, at $30 for the jar, but it lasts a really long time and is so worth the money.
4. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
Before this year, I had been using Clean and Clear Morning Burst moisturizer, and Estee Lauder Hydrating Cream. But I found this year that they haven't been working as well on my skin as they used to, so I picked up the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer at Target for $12. I am so glad did, because it is by far the best moisturizer I have tried, I like it even more then Estee Lauder,which was $30. It truly lives up to the name Positively Radiant.
5. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I couldn't end my 2011 favorites without mentioning the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have been using this nonstop this year, it has so many pigmented colors, you can create any day or nighttime look. It is perfect to just keep out and grab when you are in a hurry to do your makeup. You can buy this palette at Sephora or Ulta for $48
That's my top five beauty products of 2011, I can't wait to try many more in 2012 :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora

I may be late here, but I just found out about the Hello Kitty collection now at Sephora. As the biggest Hello Kitty fan, I am very excited and want to try some of this. Here are some of the products from the line that I'd love to try:

1. Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art: These cute bottles of nail polish, shaped like Hello Kitty, are in the pretiest pastel colors, perfect for Spring. With names like Pink Sprinkles and Banana Cream, they sound as delicious as they look. At $10, they are a little pricey, but the cuteness factor may be worth it.

2. Hello Kitty Fragrance: This would definitly be my cutest fragrance bottle. With a mix of floral and vanilla scents, I,m sure this smells just as pretty. $55 at Sephora

3. Hello Kitty Compact Mirror: Every girl needs a compact mirror, and what better then to have Hello Kitty? $18 at Sephora

4. Sweet Gloss: A moisturizing lipgloss in a chic Hello Kitty lipstick container. $16 at Sephora
There are other products in this collection, check them out here:

Which ones are you excited to try?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner: New Colors

Good morning! I hope your week has been going well. I just wanted to post to inform you, incase you don't already know, that Stila has come out with two new shades for their Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! They are now available in dark brown and indigo. Shop for them here:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bath and Body Works Tote

Good Morning! Start off your Monday morning with this offer from Bath and Body Works