Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Favorites

November Favorites

So, I just realized it is the last day of November. So I guess I picked a perfect day to restart my blog, since I can do my November favorites. Here's what I’ve been loving for the month of November:

Maybelline The Falsies Volumizing Mascara: I have been using this almost every day this month, alternating with my Maybelline Lash Stilletto. Reason for this is that I ran out of Lash Stilletto Volume, and haven’t been able to find it in any store yet. So I bought the Falsies, and am in love with it. It doesn’t give me much length as I want, but the volume makes up for lack off length.
Softlips Vanilla: My lips have been really dry this month, so Ive been using Softlips a lot. My favorite flavor is Vanilla. I haven’t tried all the flavors yet though, so I am looking forward to trying some new ones really soon. Anyone have any suggestions for their fave flavors I can try?
NYC lipstick in Lilac Dream: I don’t usually like wearing dark lipsticks, but Ive been reaching for this one a lot this month. Guess its my way of incorporating the purple trend of the season.

I don’t really have a lot of favorites for this month, as it’s been very busy and I haven’t tried many new things. Hopefully next month I’ll have more for you :-)

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