Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rite Aid Haul

Hi everyone! So, I went to Rite Aid today to get some pics put onto a cd, and decided to do some shopping. Since its all beauty related, I thought I'd share with you what I bought!

First of all, I had to get my leave in conditioner becuase I am running out. Its Pantene Pro V Detangling Light Conditioning Mist. (This is the one product in this haul that I have used before) I have been usung this for years, becuase my hair tends to tangle after showering, and I need this just to get a comb through it. I have yet to find a different leave in conditioner that I like as much as this one.

Ok, now here are the new products I boughtm that I have never use before. Iwill be doing a review on some of these products in the near future, after I have started using them.

1. Pantene Pro V Nourishing Moisture Replenishing Mask: The winter has made my hair very dry, but I cant really condition every day becuase I have fine hair that has absolutley no volume. So I was looking for some kind of conditioning treatment I can use maybe once every few weeks. Since I love Pantene ProV, I picked this one up. It says that it "reveals 5 signs of healthy hair in 3 to 5 minutes." Im really hoping it at least softens my hair a little bit.

2. Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser:Though I still love my regular face wash, Clean and CLear Morning Burst, I feel like trying something different once I run out of my current bottle. I will go back to it after I try this one though. But my skin has been feeling dryer latly, again, cuz of winter, so maybe this new face wash will remoisturize it enough so I can go back to using Morning Burst and still have smooth skin. I chose the Clean and CLear Deep Action CLeanser, becuase it is oil free, and it says it "removes dirt, and makeup without drying your skin". Definitely something I need in a face wash.

3. Jane Be Pure AquaCeuticals Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30: I HATE using foundation, but somedays I feel like I have to to even out my skin tone. Ive always wanted to see how a tinted moisturizer works, so I looked all through Rite Aid. I saw this one, and a Physicians Formula one, so i chose this onebecuase it is cheaper. Plus, this one is made with Organic Green Tea and White Tea extracts, and is 100% natural. I am really excited to try this tinted moisturizer out.

4. Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara: As I think I mentioned in a previous post, I wasnt thrilled with Cover Girl Lash Blast. So I gave that to my sister and have been using my usual one, Maybelline Sky High Curves, just cuz I like giving my lashes length ratehr then volume. But I have heard so many good things about Full N Soft, and Sky High Curves doesnt give to much vlume, Im going to give this a this one a try.

5. CoverGirl was on sale buy 1, get 1 free, so I bought a pressed powder, CG Smoothers in translucent fair. I always use Cover Girl Pressed Powders, but im not sure if I ever used this one. But Im pretty sure I'll like it, becuase i ever dont like a Cover Girl Pressed Powder.

For free, I got a Continuous Color Lipstick in Bronzed Peach. Its been a really long time since I bought a new lipstick, so Im very excited about this one.

6. Lastly, because ive heard so much about EcoTools, I bought the EcoTools bamboo blush brush. I am in need of a new blush brush anyway, so I jsut had to buy this.

Thats it for my RiteAid Haul. As I said, I will be posting reviews of some of these products in the near future. If youd like, feel free to comment with any producct youd like me to review, any product you love and would like to suggest to me and my readers, or anything else beauty and fashiopn related youd like to request. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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