Saturday, July 4, 2009

20 Questions Tag

Hey guys! I got this Tag off youtube, from iamgrape1119, and realy really wanted to do it, so here it is:

20 Question Tag:

1.Things You can not leave the house without: I never leave the house without my cell phone, purse, keys, water bottle, and some kind of sweater or jacket.

2.Favorite Brand of makeup: I guess it would be Maybelline, though I like all brands of makeup

3.Favorite Flower: Im not really into flowers, so I don’t have a favorite.

4.Fave Clothing Store: Forever 21, of course!

5Favorite Perfume: Hilary Duff With Love

6.Heels or flats: heels

7.Do you make good grades: I am not in school right now, but when I was I got good grades, and I’ll be starting grad school in September, so hopefully I make good grades then.

8.Favorite Colors: pink and green

9.Do you drink energy drinks: No, I think their disgusting and super unhealthy
10Do you drink juice: I’ll occasionally drink apple, orange or grape juice, but mostly I drink water.

11.Do you like swimming? I HATE swimming

12Do you eat fries with a fork? No

13.Favorite Moisturizer: Clean and Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer

14.Do you want to get married: No

15.Do you get mad easily: Depends on the situation

16.Are you into ghost hunting? I never even heard the term till now

17.Any phobias: I actually have social anxiety disorder, that used to be really bad but now isn’t as bad

18.Do you bite your nails? No

19.Have you ever had a near death experience? Not that I can remember

20.Do you drink coffee? Not regular coffee, but sometimes I’ll have starbucks lattes or frappucinos.

Feel free to do your own 20 questions, and post the link in the comments :-)

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itznic333 said...

Hi jen! its nicole. i decided to make a blog, but its pretty empty. nothing to say lol but i stole this 20 questions thing! :)